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Help bring California records to researchers. Visit FamilySearch.org and sign up to index records.

California Projects in progress include:
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California Great Registers 1866-1910

San Joaquin County Library Obituary Index 1850-1991

If you are already part of Family Search Indexing (FSI), you can move your existing account to CSGA
so that you can work on our California projects:

a. Go to the website: indexing.familysearch.org
b. Click the “Sign In” link in the upper-right corner of the page
c. Click Edit at the bottom
d. Change your “Local Support Level” to “Group or Society”
e. Select the “California State Genealogical Alliance” group and click Save

If you are new to indexing you can set up a new Family Search Account:

a. Go to the website: indexing.familysearch.org
b. Click the blue “Get Started” button
c. Click “Download Now” and run or save the program
d. Follow the attached screenshots.

Look for more information and indexing tips: http://indexing.familysearch.org/public/publications.jsf

Other California Collections and Indexes

Why Join Us

Have you used the online record collections at FamilySearch.org? Wonder how those records get there? It is through the FamilySearch.org's Indexing Project. Help put millions of records on the internet for free by participating in this project. The good news about this project is that familysearch's indexing software will work on a MAC or a PC. Family Search has projects for different skill levels from beginning to advanced. They are looking for volunteers with foreign language skills to help with international records. So, come help future genealogists research their families by indexing California records and beyond.

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