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There is nothing worse than spending hours on an indexing project and then finding an index has already been done. The California State Genealogical Alliance would like to keep a list of ongoing projects to transcribe, index and/ or abstract California records, publications and materials.

The goal of this list is to avoid wasted duplication of effort. It might also help those interested in working on a project get in touch with a society or individual working on something in their realm of interest. We encourage both societies and individuals to take just a few minutes to report on their projects.

The Federation of Genealogical Societies’s Forum regularly reports ongoing society projects. However, too many of us have not taken advantage of this opportunity and even when we do, information is available only in the printed magazine. We would like this list to be easy for everyone to find. With that in mind, this list will be kept on the CSGA website. Projects reported to CSGA for inclusion on our web page, will also be sent to the Forum editor each quarter with a reminder to check for California projects on our website.

Send information on your projects to *protected email*.  Please Include the following information.  Name of individual or society managing the project with contact information; website, if any; scope of the project (description of  materials you are working with including  exact place they cover, location of the records themselves, description of the project itself) .  All new projects will be posted on the blog and added to this sheet.  Please let us know when projects are complete so we can remove from this page and link them to the research aid.

Need Help Getting Started?

Project Definitions and Guidelines  —  Designing An Indexing Project — Guidelines for Beginning A Genealogical Society Project


  • Riverside — The Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical society is now working on Volume II of San Jacinto Valley Past and Present, coordinating it with the centennial celebration of the city of Hemet to take place in 2010. They are asking all residents of the valley to submit two pages, doublespaced and one photograph which will be printed free of charge. Additional text and photographs will carry a charge. The local DAR chapter will also be gathering church histories. Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society
  • San Luis Obispo — The cemeteries cited below (and others) have all been completely photographed by the San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society. Links to our online resources may be found at: . It’s pretty impressive for a mostly-rural county with a mere 250,00 people. Martha Graham is responsible for all of the county indexes and online content linked from our website. She is also the State Coordinator for the California US GenWeb page (see ).
    • Arroyo Grande District Cemetery: Updating 12,873 Records, Original Cemetery Index was created in 2000, 12 years of new interments are being added.
    •  Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery: Updating 4,591 Records, Original Cemetery Index completed in 2005, 7 years of interments are being added.
    •  Paso Robles District Cemetery: Updating 8,314 Records, Original Cemetery Index completed in 2006, 6 years of interments are being added.
    •  Pine Mountain Cemetery [Atascadero]: Updating 4,659 Records, Original Cemetery Index completed in 2005, 7 years of interments are being added.
    •  Civil Cases Project: 164 Rolls of microfilmed Civil Cases on loan from the Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County: 3570 Records abstracted from 84 rolls of film, 80 rolls of film still to be digitized.
  • San Mateo
    •  Coroner’s Records Index 1865-  (currently 1950).  Images of Coroner’s records have been added to FamilySearch.  Index to date can be found at
    •  Obituaries – The project to scan and index all obituaries in the society collections is complete.  We have also scanned the images indexed on Obituary Daily Times.  On going is a project to index obituaries in other ONLINE newspaper collection. Please contact *protected email* if you can help with this project.  All work can be done from home.
    • Assorted indexes are in progress for records held at the San Mateo County record depository.  Members meet on Thursdays to work on records.  Contact *protected email* if you are interested in helping out.
  • Sonoma – 
    • “Vital Data in Newspapers of Sonoma County, California,” has been a continuing project that started in 1999. We are now working on volume XI, 1916 – 1918. This project involves 1) abstracting vital data from newspapers published in Sonoma County during this time period, 2) entering this data into Excel format, 3) reformatting into WordPerfect tables, 4) proof reading the tables against the transcriptions, 5) making corrections, and 6) preparing the current volume for publication by Heritage Books. The newspapers are located at different libraries in the county. Contact AudreyHerman at *protected email* if you would like to help on this project. There is no web address at this time, but an index will be available online after the project has been published.
    • Sonoma – “Index to Probate Records in Sonoma County.” An index to probate records is currently available only in the office of the County Clerk and is available only on MWF from 8 a.m. to noon. The data are on microfilm at that office (readability is excessively poor). SCGS was able to acquire a copy of these microfilm in CD format. Volunteers have entered information and the data are in the process of being proof read. Because of the poor quality of the microfilm, one volunteer is checking the original film at the County Clerk’s offic to clarify names, dates, etc. Persons who would like to help can contact Carmen Finley at *protected email*. However, the only two tasks that remain to be done are proofing and checking documents at the Sonoma County Clerk’s office between 8 a.m. and noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When the project is finished, it will be published by Heritage Books. An index will be available online after the project has been published.