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FDR’s Alphabet Soup: Records of the Great Depression

 Works Progress (Project) Administration 1935-1943   NARA RG 69  Cath Madden Trindle Established on 6 May 1935, the goal of the Works Progress Administration was to relieve unemployment through the creation of jobs.  It succeeded FERA and the CWA, both created … Continue reading

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FDR’s Alphabet Soup: Records From the Great Depression

The WPA might have shut down in 1943, but some projects took years more to complete. Among those is San Francisco’s last WPA project, the Rincon Annex Post Office. The building’s architect was Gilbert S. Underwood (Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite). … Continue reading

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Genealogist’s Declaration of Rights

Have you signed the Genealogist’s Declaration of Rights?   Fellow CSGA member, Jan Meisels Allen, who wears many hats in the genealogical community (1), has written a letter to California societies urging all California genealogists to sign.  But as individuals you … Continue reading

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