FDR’s Alphabet Soup: Records From the Great Depression

Cath Madden Trindle

WPA Historical Records Survey 

1935 – 1943 (NARA 69.5.6)

 The Historical Records Survey was organized under the direction of Luther H Evans as part of the Federal Writer’s Project on 16th Nov 1935.  It became an independent division of Federal Project 1 in October of 1936.  In 1939 projects were handed off to state and local governments with oversight by the WPA’s Research and Records Program, Professional and Service Division.

Never eager to recreate what someone else has done well, I suggest you read Bryan Mulcahy’s  Work’s Progress Administration (WPA) – Historical Records Survey for a good background of the Survey, a listing of its objectives and an overview of the records useful for genealogical research.  Some California materials are listed below. Most are online, click on any link to go to online description or publication.

California Historical Records Survey 
Online publications are available through

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