Legisltive Alert!! It may not be too late to stop SB 71 (Now Assembly 76)

The case for stopping this bill has been wonderfully stated by “The Legal Genealogist” in today’s blog More records access trouble: California.  Methods to contact the Governor’s office have been outlined in the blog.

We have been advised that it might be possible to line item veto this rider.  While many of us do not disagree with the idea that the state should not have to reimburse counties and agencies for public records requests, or with the idea that counties should not lose money on those requests, that does not justify allowing counties and agencies to choose not to supply the records.  A logical bill would allow them to charge the cost of processing and providing the records in the most efficient and timely method instead.

Please contact the Governor’s office.

Cath Madden Trindle, CSGA Special Projects Chair

Read more – Sacramento Bee, LA Times



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