Society Finances – Follow Up

You should now be up to date on filing returns.

What’s next?  You should do two things as a follow-up.
  1. Start an Tax Filings folder (paper, electronic or both) that contains all your filings for the year You might consider printing everything to a PDF file and combining those returns with year-end financial statements, the last bank statement of the year, a copy of the budget and other important forms showing your societies financial history.  If your main file is paper you should consider scanning it as a backup.  At the very least you should have a copy of all important documents at a second site.  It is very important for a societies financial health to have copies of important documents somewhere other than in the treasurer’s home at ALL TIMES.  
  2. Update or create a Treasurer’s Job Calendar that incorporates all of the important filing dates for your Society.  Add other important items such as Insurance Policy due dates, audit deadlines, etc.


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