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If you sell items in California on a regular basis, you should have a state sales tax number for CA State Board of Equalization.  

You are required to file returns on a quarterly or annual basis according to the amount you usually collect.  If you make a lot of sales you might be required to deposit taxes owed even more often.  I doubt that any of our CA Genealogical societies would fall into that category, though.

Annual returns are due the last day of the month following the end of the fiscal year.  For most societies that means January 31.  It is possible to file online by choosing e-file and either setting up as an e-file customer or obtaining an express log-in number.  If you need to call the board you will find them helpful in walking you through whatever process you need to choose.

If you are late in filing, do it now.  It is always better to initiate the late filing yourself rather than waiting for a letter informing you that you have missed the filing.

For those societies that seldom sell items, the state is recommending temporary seller’s permits rather than having a sales tax number and filing returns with (ZERO) in sales.  It is easy to apply for a temporary permit online.  Click on e-reg to apply.  It is also possible to pay your past due sales tax from this web page.

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