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If your society paid a speaker or other contractor more than $600 in 2012 (or $10 in Royalties),  you should have provided the contractor with a 1099 Misc and filed a copy with the IRS along with a 1096.  Many societies are unaware of this requirement.  Even if the speaker fee is under $6oo, if you include per diem and other reimbursements, you might still need to file.  Although 2012 forms are now overdue, consider whether you should file anyway.

The forms are due on 28 Feb of each year, but to make your life easier you can actually give the speaker a copy of the form when you give them a check.  You will need their social security number in order to file.

Instructions for the current year are not much different from past years.  Catch up now by downloading them from 1099 – 2013 Instructions .

You can order the forms from IRS Online Ordering.  Both 2012 and 2013 are available and they usually arrive within a week.  You can also call (1-800-829-3676) to order if you prefer.   Be sure to order a couple of 1096 forms along with a sufficient quantity of 1099-Misc forms for the year.

It is only possible to file  online through service companies.  With the limited number of 1099s you are likely to need to file the cost of that service is probably not worth while.  On the other hand if you file a return that is not scannable (not on the IRS approved form) you will also be charged a fee.

Additional thoughts:  Be sure to ask all speakers, even meeting speakers to sign a contract and as part of that contract require a current mailing address and social security number.   You will find a very simple speaker contract on the CSGA Member society page.  Download and adapt it for your societies use.

A slightly more sophisticated but still simple contract can be found on the site of the International Association of Exhibits and Events website.  This contract addresses the what ifs that might be important in planning a seminar or other big event.

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