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It’s that time of year.  Non-profit societies are required to file financial statements with the state of California and the Internal Revenue by the 15th of the fifth month after the end of their fiscal year.  For those societies that use a calendar year for that fiscal year that means May 15.   There are four other filings that might also be required.  Failure to file any of the required forms can result your society being suspended.  

Watch the CSGA blog for the next week.  I will deal with one filing each day.

Is your society a corporation?  If so then the state of California requires you to file an information return either annually or biennially.  If you are not sure if your society has filed, you can check your status by going to


 If you find that your filing is out of date or will be require soon, you can also do that online.  You will need your corporate ID.  You can copy it from the results above or find it in old records.  You will also need the mailing address of your agent of record.  This is usually the president or treasurer and it must be a street address not a PO Box.  Thirdly, you will need a credit card to pay the $20 filing fee.  In the past this filing fee has been returned to non-profit societies, but it seems likely with online filing that will probably not be the case. 


Make note of the statement on copies.  You should save your return prior to submitting it.  Consider printing to a PDF file and saving it in a TAX FILINGS 2013 folder.  Be sure to back that folder up.

If your society is not incorporated, this might be a time to consider whether that would be a wise choice for the future.

Grant Space is one source of Society Management Information that might help you make informed decisions on how to structure and efficiently run your society.

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