Challenge #1 – School Records

In the Nov/Dec Family Chronicle, Leland Meitzler wrote a great article on school census records and their use in Genealogy.  So here is my first challenge for the genealogical community.

Find California’s School Census Records

Are there any?  Did the California legislature pass laws requiring counties to take a school census as they did in other states?  Links to California educational laws, links to records online, and links to repositories that hold records will all count.  In this case since we might be searching for something that doesn’t exist, I decided to extend the quest to all school records not just school census records.

Are the records for your school district available in a repository or from the district itself.  Have they been digitized. We’ll really open it up, yearbooks count.  Links to online yearbooks or listings of repositories that hold at least 1/3 of the yearbooks for any given school count.

How about school board records and reports.  Anything that would be of genealogical interest either listing students, teachers, administrators and board members  or providing background material that would help develop ancestral stories.

If you find a repository with on site holdings, please list the repository only once.  Use a separate page in the spreadsheet to list the applicable holdings or put a link to an inventory done by the repository if available.

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