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California is coming online!  It is exciting to see new projects on a regular basis.  CSGA is partnering with FamilySearch to further the effort. We have already finished two projects, California County Marriages (I believe there are other phases of this project coming) and the National Home for Disabled Soldiers – Sawtelle.

There are two projects currently available for CSGA members to work on. The first project is a card file of San Joaquin Obituaries dated 1850-1891.  We are at “D” so there is still a long way to go.  It is a relatively easy project, the biggest mistake is with identifying duplicate images.  The images are often not one right after the other, there might be a set of four images and then the same four again.  Another problem is that there might be two different obituaries or cards for the same person and unlike other projects one would not think to look at the next card so they should be marked as normal images.

You might also find that an obituary had been folded on the card.  There might be two or three images of what appear to be the same card but they are in fact a continuation of the obituary.  Look closely to be sure it is really a duplicate image before marking it as such, otherwise someone might miss out on half of a great obituary.

The second project available for indexing is California Great Registers from 1866-1910.  If you haven’t used the great registers they are a wonderful resource for your California ancestors. Of course those before 1911 will include only males, but half a family is better than none. The entries often give a description of the individual and might tell you when and where they were naturalized. These are also easy files to work on.  Don’t believe me?  Try the Irish Tithe Applotments, now those are hard!!

So California records aren’t of interest to you?  Well we hope you’ll help out anyway, someone in your area of interest might be working on the records you’re waiting for.  But if I can’t convince you to help out with California consider helping out where you are interested.  Check out all of the ongoing projects at Remember all of these projects will be available to the genealogical community without charge.

Check the menu bar on the CSGA website.  There is a page under projects that will give you information on how to sign up.

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